Flik Hall SS'12 Review for Amelia's Mag

26 October 2011

Whilst trend reporting for WGSN earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend a couple of trade shows in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. I met numerous exciting designers, brands and labels, but one of my favourites had to be London's very own home grown, Flik Hall.

Last week I attended the up-and-coming designer's SS'12 press event at the Vyner Street Gallery where Flik was kind enough to talk me through her inspiration and the creative process behind the new collection.

You can read the whole piece on Amelia's online blog HERE.

A Last Minute Trip to Paris...

Interview with Nirrimi Hakanson for Amelia's Mag

Last month I did a post on 19-year-old photographer Nirrimi Hakanson, this month I conducted an interview with the Australian-born creative for Amelia's Magazine. :)

You can read the whole article on Amelia's blog HERE.

Nirrimi by Matt Caplin

Clever Collars

21 October 2011

Yes please...

Images via: Tumblr

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CW By Carin Wester: The Lullaby

I'm in bad place for October, November, and even December. The reason being that I'm banned from all forms of retail expenditure for the foreseeable future. Along with countless other ladies - and probably quite a few gentlemen - this is a painful dilemma. But I'm sure I'll get over it come January when it'll all prove worthwhile; sun, sea, sand and sleep are just around that festive corner. 

So this pain of mine is worsened even more so when Carin Wester-shaped salt is rubbed right into my still-healing wounds. Here's my point...

As an exclusive collaboration with Urban Outfitters, the Swedish-born designer has created a little sister to her mainline collection – CW By Carin Wester. Entitled The Lullaby, the new collection is inspired by Roman Polansky’s 1968 horror movie Rosemary’s Baby

Close your eyes tight and block out images of Rosemary’s frightful offspring and you’ll find ‘60s-inspired shapes complete with charming fur trims and pom-pom details. Emerald greens and royal purples are mixed with soft muted tones, whilst charming prints found on chiffon dresses are inspired by hand-drawn notes taken during a lover’s phone conversation. 

Collections don't tend get any more tempting than this; now can someone please confiscate my debit card!

The collection is available to buy in store and online at Urban Outfitters, and online at Carin Wester

Knitting Pretty: Gudrun & Gudrun

6 October 2011

Inspired by the brand’s Nordic roots and refusing to be influenced by the hectic world of fashion, organic label Gudrun & Gudrun are the ‘ice queens’ of knitwear. Well-known for their ethical means of production, each piece in the collection is handcrafted by Faroese and Jordanian knitters using locally sourced lambskin, yarn and fish leather.

Taking inspiration from old books, orally told stories and the magical light of the Faroe Islands, Gudron & Gudron draw elements from the silence and isolation of its homeland, whilst chunky knit sweaters in the softest of fabrics remain timeless and relevant each season.

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