Mulberry: The Book

17 May 2011

Who would ever have thought that Mulberry were only a wee forty years old? The label has successfully positioned itself as one of the most sought after names around, whilst maintaining that respectable heritage feel that we've all come to know and love; such a status often takes much longer than a mere four decades to achieve.

To celebrate the big 4-0, the British fashion house and luxury handbag designers have released this beautifully presented book drawing together everything you've ever wanted to know about the brand alongside behind-the-scenes images taken from shows, collections, campaigns and exclusive parties. Sure to be jam packed with a whole load of Chungs, Palermos and Bosworths, but I need this sitting pretty on my coffee table all the same.

(Now all I need is a coffee table.)

The must-have 480-page book

The book launch, held at the New Bond Street store

Images via: Fashion Foie Gras

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